The PhD Islamic Philosophy is the highest academic and specialized program in the field of Islamic Philosophy. Students carry out a collection of research works as well as taught courses and after successful completion of the program they receive PhD Islamic Philosophy. 

Program’s General Objectives:

Instructing researchers and experts in the relevant field

Training lecturers for graduate and postgraduate levels to work in academic and seminary institutions

Expanding the boundaries of knowledge in the relevant areas

Training disseminators who have authority in the field of Islamic Philosophy

Laying the groundwork for training Mojtahid in the area of Islamic Philosophy 

Educational Policies:

Attaching importance to students’ moral and spiritual development

Encouraging students in research through allocating a minimum of 30 per cent of course unit times to research work (apart from dissertation)

Expanding students’ skills in teaching, disseminating, translating and authoring

Strengthening students’ proficiency in debates, criticizing and evaluating various fields and responding to modern questions and doubts regarding philosophical subjects

Attaching importance to innovation and putting forward of theories and knowledge in Quran and Sciences

Attending to enter-Islamic sect’s cohesion through underlining Ahl-e Bayt’s (a.s) principles and teachings regarding the program.


Students are selected from relevant MA graduates. The process of admission is based on the Admission General and Specific Regulations

Students with other academic backgrounds must pass the prerequisites according to the regulations 

Program Structure:

PhD Shiite History contains 60 credits

The program is studied over a maximum of 5 years

Students must submit an 20-credit dissertation

Theoretical and practical credits are respectively 16 and 32 hours

Students can take between 6 to 10 credits each semester except for the 18-credit dissertation 

Course Unit Structure:  

No. Course Units Credit rating
 1.       Seminary 16
2.       Specialized 24
3.       Dissertation 20
  Total 60

   Course Units:

a.Seminary Course Units  

No. Course Units Credit rating Total hours Theoretical Practical Pre-requisite Notes
1.     Jurisprudence (1) 5 80 80     Underlining research
2.     Jurisprudence (2) 5 80 80   Jurisprudence (1) Underlining research
3.     Jurisprudence (1) 3 48 48     Underlining research
4.     Jurisprudence (2) 3 48 48   Jurisprudence (1) Underlining research
  Total 16 256 256     Underlining research

 Note: the Syllabus of Seminary Course Units is in accordance with Jurisprudence and Principles of Islamic Law introduced by the MIU.

b. Specialized Course Units: (PhD Islamic Philosophy):

No. Course Units Credit rating Total hours Theoretical Practical Pre-requisite Notes
1.     Mota’aliye Wisdom (1) 4 64 64     Sadra’ee Philosophy, underlining research
2.     Mota’aliye Wisdom (2) 4 64 64   Mota’aliye Wisdom (1) Sadra’ee Philosophy, underlining research
3.     Mota’aliye Wisdom (3) 2 32 32   Mota’aliye Wisdom (2) Sadra’ee Philosophy, underlining research
4.     Masha’ Wisdom 4 64 64     Selection of ‘’Elahiyyat-e Shafa’’
5.     Science of Self 2 32 32     ‘’Ilm Al-Nafs-e Asfar’’
6.     Divine Wisdom in the Quran and Traditions 2 32 32     Intellectual and philosophical arguments concerning Quranic verses and Rewayat
7.     Islamic Mysticism 2 32 32     Selection of ‘’Fosos Ibn-e Arabi’’
8.     Theology and Comparative Divine Attributes 2 32 32     Arguments about proving existence of God and Divine attributes according to Islamic Philosophy and West Philosophy
9.     Comparative Study of Existence 2 32 32      
10.  Dissertation 20 640   640    
  Total 44 1024 384 640    

 Note: the faculty can introduce and run 10 prerequisite credits based on the students requirements.



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